Kyla Miller
Assistant Choreographer
Set Construction Assistance
- Mame
Hair & Make-up crew
- Inspecting Carol
Cousin Eve
Featured dancer
- The Wedding Singer
Kyla Miller
Kyla Miller (Assistant Choreographer) After 10 plus years of dance experience, 14 years of theater acting under my belt, and over 5 years of teaching dance and choreographing multiple productions, I am always happy to come back to be in the Brass Rail Players productions. Ever since "The Wedding Singer" this past summer, I have enjoyed the company of this troupe of people! I wish everyone to break a leg and to follow your dreams and shoot to the stars!!
Kyla Miller (Ensemble) has just graduated from New Athens and will attend University of Evansville in the summer of 2011 after half a year of basic training with the United States Army Reserves. After basic training, she hopes to get a master’s degree in Linguistics and International Relations. This is Kyla’s fourth musical and 25th theatre-related performance of any magnitude after years with Adams School of Dance in O’Fallon, various school performances, and her first with the wonderful cast and crew of The Brass Rail Players. She wishes everyone to break a leg and have a blast, because life is not a rehearsal, so just do it!