Abraham Van Helsing
Set Construction Foreman
- The Passion of Dracula
Tim Roustio
Tim Roustio (Abraham Van Helsing and Set Construction Foreman) - Tim Roustio is making his BRP debut with “The Passion of Dracula.” A 20+ year veteran of local university and community theatre, he has previously appeared in productions of “The Foreigner” (Charlie Baker, Owen Musser), “Ten Little Indians” (William Blore), “Dracula” (Arthur Holmwood), and “Assassins” (Chorus/President Gerald Ford), to name a few. Tim has also done extensive work in the areas of set/lighting/sound/prop/effects design and implementation over the years, so he is quite handy to have around. Raised in Collinsville and currently calling Belleville home, Tim has recently returned to full-time pursuit of a Bachelor’s/Master’s Degree in Computer Science at SIUE. He would like to thank everyone involved with “The Passion of Dracula” for providing him this opportunity to return to the stage after so many years away, and also thank his family and friends for their wonderful support.