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Claire Ganz
Set Construction
- Rumors

Assistant Director
Set Construction
- You're a Good Man Charlie Brown

Hot Box Nightclub Girl
- Guys and Dolls
Set Decoration
- Mame
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Stacey Tunnicliff
Stacey Tunnicliff (Renee, Maid)
After a year hiatus from the theatre, the best way for Stacey to spend the summer is by being part of a “bucket list” show such as this one! Currently working in the Office of Admissions at Webster University, Stacey also recently returned to school to pursue her BA in Psychology. (And if you know any actors, you know theatre and psychology often go hand in hand!) Big thanks to the fabulously talented cast (y’all are peculiar…in the best possible way!), the wonderful creative team, and my incredible support system: to my friends and family, especially my mom, who are always encouraging and pushing me; to my coworkers for so graciously listening to incessant chattering (and singing!) of Broadway shows / showtunes; and to the guy who’s always got my back no matter what. Ya know who you are. In the many, many years I’ve been performing, this is the first show I’m a part of that my grandma will not get to see. At least not in person, but she’s got the best seat in the house. You crazy old lady, this one’s for you.
Stacey Tunnicliff (Claire Ganz) Stacey has had a blast working with both familiar and new faces during this production of "Rumors." Thanks to director Warren for choosing her to bring the character of Claire Ganz to life on stage, to the cast for being so fun and easy to work with, to the production crew for making the show run so smoothly, and to the Board of Directors. Thanks also to the people who are always there pushing me in the right direction, holding me up when I can’t stand on my own, and catching me when I fall. And to one person in particular: you will never know what your love, support, and encouragement has done, and continues to do for me. I appreciate you so very much, and thank you from the bottom of my heart. "Snarf snarf!"
Stacey Tunnicliff (Assistant Director) Currently serving as the Secretary for BRP’s Board of Directors, Stacey is happy to be working on her third production here in Belleville! Last seen as a Hotbox Girl in BRP’s "Guys and Dolls,"she has also been seen working back and onstage in productions with Monroe Actors’ Stage Company, Family Musical Theatre, Magdalen Players, and Crestwood / Kirkwood Youth Theatre. Stacey would like to thank Matt for asking (a year ago!) to be his AD, the entire cast and creative team for making this production more like one big party, the other two stooges for the always entertaining car rides to and from rehearsal, and the usual suspects (mom, dad, Kurt, etc.). To quote a dear friend, "Without the arts, life would just be ‘eh’."
Stacey Tunnicliff (Hot Box Girl) Stacey is excited to be making her onstage debut with Brass Rail Players, after directing "Mame" during the 2010-2011 season! Thanks to the cast for making this experience so much FUN; each one of you has been such a joy to work with! Thanks to Lynn for asking me to dance onstage again after an 8-month hiatus (which seemed WAY LONGER!), to the production crew for their hard work, and the Brass Rail Players Board for their never-ending support. Thanks also, and always, to my friends and family, and to K for always, always, ALWAYS encouraging me to go after what I want, and for never, EVER doubting me!
Stacey is thrilled to be making her directorial debut after performing in FMT’s production of The World Goes Round (dancer). A two time Arts for Life nominee (Actress in a non-singing role: The Wizard of Oz, and Actress in a cameo role: The World Goes Round), some of Stacey’s favorite roles onstage include Early One Evening at the Rainbow Bar and Grille (Virginia), The Wizard of Oz (Wicked Witch), Cats (Victoria), and The World Goes Round (dancer). She has also Assistant Directed Dial M for Murder (MASC), and been light board operator for A Chorus Line (FMT). Thanks to Brass Rail Players for this incredible opportunity, the Board of Directors for their constant support and encouragement, and the entire cast and crews for their hard work. Thanks also to my mom for helping with yet another production, to Kurt for keeping me sane and ALWAYS being there for me, and the friends and family who always have my back.
Stacey was nominated for the 2010 Arts for Life - Best Cameo Actress award in the Family Musical Theater's production of The World Goes Round.
Stacey TunnicliffStacey Tunnicliff