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Who is MAME? Some of Mame's wild, adventurous spirit is inside everyone who lives for the moment and believes that "life is a banquet!" It's the height of the 1920's and Auntie Mame becomes the guardian for her ten-year-old nephew, Patrick. Special songs include Mame, It's Today, Open a New Window, If He Walked into My Life, We Need a Little Christmas, Bosom Buddies and That's How Young I Feel. Her life is turned up-side-down, many of her priorities change, but she still lives life to the fullest.

Book by: Jerome Lawrence/Robert E. Lee
Music/Lyrics by: Jerry Herman
Based on the novel by Patrick Dennis
And the play “Auntie Mame” by Jerome Lawrence/Robert E. Lee
“MAME” is presented through arrangement with
Tams-Witmark Music Library, Inc.
560 Lexington Ave..
New York, NY 10022

Mame is a happy happening. She is well-to-do, lives in New York at the peak of the Twenties, and is surprised by a "wonderful present": an orphan nephew named Patrick.

Now, ten-year-old Patrick needs his aunt, and this is something new for Mame-to be needed. It changes her life. It brings her into sharp conflict with her best friend, Vera Charles, a multi-martini grande dame of the legitimate theatre-for Vera can't stand children. The man Mame is about to marry is perfectly willing to take on the boy as a bonus, but Mame doesn't think she'll have time for marriage-"I'll be too busy being a mother!"

The boy's nanny, Agnes Gooch, doesn't approve of those irrepressible things which go on in Mame's Beekman Place apartment, and yet she inevitably falls under her spell.

Eye to eye, toe to toe, Mame battles Babcock, the Babbitt-ish banker who wants to make young Patrick the prisoner of the Establishment and put the chains of conformity around him. With the balloon burst of the Depression, it looks as if Babcock is going to have his way. Mame loses all her money, and she loses jobs as quickly as she finds them. (Mame's gift is giving, not working for hire!) In a brief adventure as a manicurist, she meets Beau-a wealthy scion of the South. He takes Mame to his plantation for the begrudging approval of his family. They are astounded at her exploits on horseback (so is she)! Of course, Beau proposes-in the bouncing title song which sings the praises of Mame!

There's only one problem as the curtain falls on the first act-young Patrick, who has given her such joy and provided a purpose in her life, smiles bravely. But he's afraid he has lost his Best Girl.

Act Two rushes headlong into the Thirties. Vera stands by her Bosom Buddy when Mame returns to Beekman Place after Beau's sudden death. Patrick, now in college, and Mame's former suitor, Lindsay Woolsey, prompt Mame into writing her memoirs. Gooch has been primed in secretarial school to type up Mame's pearls of wisdom-but an experiment in a liberated life has a transforming influence on Patrick's nanny.

And the maturing Patrick seems to be slipping away from Mame's ideal of freedom. When he declares his engagement to a fatuous blonde "with the IQ of a dead flashlight battery," Mame is in despair. What did she do wrong? What would she do differently, "If he walked into my life today?"

But the lady's resources are endless. Just as young Patrick rescued her from the shallow trap of the Twenties, she helps the boy to save himself from a life of Darien drabness and snobbery.

Ingeniously, she foils the Establishment and life goes on, not with Auntie Mame but with Grand Auntie Mame rescuing another youngster from the toils of conformity.

Mame is Eve, St. Joan, Lady Godiva, Susan B. Anthony, Clara Bow and Florence Nightingale. She dances, too, and defies all generation gaps! We have seen hundreds of Auntie Mames and Mames: in each one there seemed to be a flash of something a bit different, a new discovery in the way this remarkable lady thinks, feels, moves.

We've had ten plays on Broadway-but somehow MAME is the show we've always looked forward to seeing again!

-Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee

Cast   Production Staff   Orchestra
Young Patrick Bryce Beliveau
Agnes Gooch Lindsay Jorns
Vera Charles Danielle Jung
Mame Dennis Janice Codispoti
Ralph Devine John Schnable
Bishop Robert Hopwood
M. Lindsay Woolsey Matt Dossett
Ito Jeff Clinebell
Doorwoman Jennifer Ceradsky
Elevator Girl Mallory Douglas
Messenger Emily Ceradsky
Dwight Babcock Robert Hopwood
Art Model Lauren Keck
Dance Teacher Jaime Ingle
Stage Manager Alison Driscoll
Madame Branislowski Susan Anderson
Gregor Jeff Clinebell
Beauregard Pickett Burnside Mark Tullis
Cousin Jeff Chris Ceradsky
Cousin Fan Delisa Richardson
Sally Cato Melinda Driscoll
Mother Burnside Rachel Isner
Older Patrick John Schnable
Junior Babcock Daniel Schmidt
Mrs. Upson Jaime Ingle
Mr. Upson Warren Frank
Gloria Upson Lexi Krekorian
Pegeen Ryan Lauren Keck
Peter Dennis Clayton Neuner
Chorus Cassi Allen
Jessica Anderson
Libby Ceradsky
Melissa Mckean
Lauren Nold
Claire Pees
Kearsten Sehr
Stephanie Schaefer
Director Stacey Tunnicliff
Assistant Director Alison Driscoll
Stage Manager Christina Deboer
Music Director Maryann Totsch-Hopwood
Band Director Ralph Schlesinger
Choreographer Susan Hubert-Jeep
Assistant Choreographer Kyla Miller
Costumes Cece Driscoll
Sandra Tunnicliff
Technical Director Mark Feazel
Light Design Teri Diehl
Light Board Operators Amy Kinsella
William Hemmer
Brian Ceradsky
Sound Effects Design Robert Hopwood
Sound Board Operator Stephen Wilson
William Hemmer
Backstage Crew Robert DeBoer
Walker Szucs
Jacob Augne
Jeff Browning
Tim Venhaus
John Adams
Lori Browning
Emma Kellmeyer
Lynn Venhaus
Set Construction Assistance Robert Hopwood
Jim Sehr
Maryann Totsch-Hopwood
Janice Codispoti
Warren Frank
Danielle Jung
Marilyn Elsea
Anthony Conrath
Anne Ecker
Mallory Douglas
Christina Deboer
Mark Tullis
Mark Feazel
Rachel Isner
Richard Feazel
John Schnable
Annie Feazel
Jaime Ingle
Emily Feazel
Kearsten Sehr
Chris Ceradsky
Daniel Schmidt
Jeff Clinebell
Delisa Richardson
Melinda Driscoll
Kyla Miller
Lexi Krekorian
Lori Browning
Melissa Mckean
Jeff Browning
Tim Venhaus
Ryan Norrenberns
Set Design Robert Hopwood
Maryann Totsch-Hopwood
Set Decoration Stacey Tunnicliff
Robert Hopwood
Maryann Totsch-Hopwood
Box Office Ellen Norrenberns
Volunteers Kristine Mueller
Program Publicity John Swistak Jr.
Lynn Venhaus
Band Director
Ralph Schlesinger
Violin/Viola Devon Kirsch
Sarah Kovich
Campbell Walters
Cello Christopher Bachmann
Bass Scott Hall
Piccoli, Flute Elaine Joost
Clarinet, Bass Clarinet,
Alto Saxophone, Flute
Dennis Aulenbacher
Clarinet, Baritone Saxophone,
Tenor Saxophone

Joe Hoffmann
Jay Otis

Trumpet Myra Wottowa
Ed Matecki
David Cange
Trombone Dave Pfeifer
Tuba/Euphonium Charlie Knowles
Percussion Anne Stevenson
Keyboards Maryann Totsch-Hopwood