The Passion of Dracula
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This version of the Dracula legend based on the 1897 Bram Stoker novel is set in the English countryside in 1911 where several village girls have died under mysterious circumstances. Dr. Seward presides over a nearby mental hospital and the locality has acquired a new resident, Count Dracula! A trio of doctors, a young reporter and a stouthearted English lord battle the Count for possession of the lovely heroine. With a dash of Holmesian sleuthing in this Baskerville hound country setting, our heroes save the heroine and dispatch the Count in the traditional manner.

A Thriller by Bob Hall and David Richmond
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  Character descriptions  
  Dr. Cedric Seward: Director of a psychiatric sanitorium in the English countryside. War veteran (1800’s). English, older 40’s to 60’s. Think of Sherlock Holms and Watson. Seward as Watson.

Jameson: English butler/orderly/nurse. Must be able to man handle Renfield. Willing to cast Male or Female, leaning male. Age is flexible.

Professor Van Helsing: The greatest rare-disease man in Europe, has arrived to see if he can be of assistance. Think Sherlock Holms, or typical Dracula Van Helsing. 40’s to 60’s.

Dr. Helga Van Zandt: German, Doctor of Physiology and able to be business like until in the arms of Lord Godalming. A visually stunning actor. Strong actors part. Must go from doctor and all business, to in love with Lord Godalming, to entranced by Dracula, to the living dead. Owns the first act. 30’s and up.

Lord Godalming: A swashbuckling actor. Must be able to carry the dead Helga Van Zandt. English lord . Hot tempered. Bold and strong. Must show a strong turn of emotion. Goes from being in love with Helga, to hunting her killer, to having to kill the undead Helga he loves. Then he kills himself. 30’s to 50’s. Saved by Seward in the war.

Mr. Renfield: Inmate. Eats live flies and spiders, much to the disgust of just about everyone except, of course, the count. He is the counts lackey. Must be vivid and scene stealer. Looking an actor willing to take big risks. Age flexible. Might be open to a very good female actor.

Wilhelmina Murray: The ward of Seward. Being slowly drained of blood. The doctors can’t figure out why. Must be entranced by Dracula. Falls in love with Harker. Might be English, script does not specify. Weak and frail. Kills Dracula. Age teens to 30.

Jonathan Harker: Reporter, younger, and impulsive. Might be English script does not specify. Love interest of Wilhelmina. Age 20’s to 40’s.

Count Dracula: You know him, you Love him… Don’t want that guy in my show. Bring me something new. He is bad and sucks the life out of others. That is all I am giving you. Surprise me or forget it.

  The Passion of Dracula follows Jonathan Harker, Dr. Seward, and Professor Van Helsing on their quest to save the beautiful Wilhelmina from the clutches of a smart and sexy Count Dracula. This tale of the supernatural will be mounted in the former sanctuary within Mayslake Hall. With its vaulted ceiling and wooden beams, this Gothic sanctorium has an ambience tailor-made for this classic tale of the undead.  
  Cast   Production Staff  
Dr. Cedric Seward
Lindell Webb
Jameson Mark Lampkin
Professor Van Helsing Tim Roustio
Dr. Helga Van Zandt Leigh Reidelberger
Lord Godalming Jeff Clinebell
Mr. Renfield Ryan Norrenberns
Wilhelmina Murray Rebecca Kearney
Jonathan Harker Matt Dossett
Count Dracula Davey Bobzin
Director Patrick Donnigan
Assistant Director Steve Schneider
Producer Leigh Reidelberger
Assistant to the Director Lauren Keck
Set Construction Tim Roustio
Lighting design Ginger Jones
Brian Scheppler
Assist Lighting Design Jeff Breckle
Sound design Kyle O’Conner
Costume design Cathy Symonds
Stage Manager Rachel Farrell
Makeup Tricia Sauget
Back Stage Abigail Polley
Lauren Keck
Box Office Ellen Norrenberns
Volunteer Coordinator Kristine Mueller
Programs / Publicty John Swistak Jr.
Lynn Venhaus